Identification of 5′-upstream region of pufferfish ribosomal protein L29 gene as a strong constitutive promoter to drive GFP expression in zebrafish

Ming Huang Chang, Chih Ming Chou, Yueh Chun Hsieh, I. Ching Lu, M. Kothai Nachiar Devi, Juei Pei Chang, Tzong Fu Kuo, Chang Jen Huang

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The genomic structure of Tetraodon fluviatilis L29 gene was determined and its promoter activity was analyzed in COS-1 cells and zebrafish embryos. The TfL29 gene comprises four exons and three introns, spanning approximately 1.7kb. The 5′-upstream 2.2-kb of the first exon contains 10 E-boxes and many putative binding motifs for transcription factors GATA-1, AML-1a, c-Myb, Oct-1, CdxA, and NRF-2. Promoter activity assay showed that the distal 2.2-kb fragment not only had high luciferase activity in COS-1 cells, but also strong and ubiquitous GFP expression in a variety of tissues in zebrafish embryos. On the other hand, there are no TATA or CAAT boxes within a 300-bp region upstream from the transcription initiation site. Although this region has high luciferase activity in COS-1 cells, it is not sufficient to drive GFP expression in zebrafish embryos. In this proximal 300-bp region, there are two E-boxes, two CdxA sites, and one NRF-2 site that is immediately downstream of the transcription start site.
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期刊Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
出版狀態已發佈 - 一月 30 2004


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