Hepatitis B viral genotype in Taiwanese patients with acute hepatitis B

Yi Wen Huang, Chih Lin Lin, Pei Jer Chen, Ming Yang Lai, Jia Horng Kao, Ding Shinn Chen

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Background/Aims: The correlation of HBV genotype with clinical outcome has been recognized in chronic hepatitis B patients. However, there are few reports on the distribution and clinical significance of HBV genotypes in acute hepatitis B patients. Methodology: Nineteen acute hepatitis B patients were identified and their HBV genotypes were determined. The serological and clinical data were thus compared between patients with different HBV genotypes. Results: Two HBV genotypes (B and C) were found in the patients. Genotype B was more predominant than genotype C (12 vs. 7). The age, serum alanine aminotransferase level, serum alpha-fetoprotein level, and serum HBV DNA level were not significantly different between patients infected with genotype B or C. None of them had persistent HBsAg for longer than 6 months. Conclusions: Genotype B predominates in acute hepatitis B patients in Taiwan; however, the clinical features between genotype B and genotype C patients are comparable.

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