Frequency of various congenital heart diseases in Chinese adults: Analysis of 926 consecutive patients over 13 years of age

Lien Wen-Pin, Chen Jin-Jer, Chen Jyh-Hong, Lin Jiunn-Lee, Hsieh Yen-Yaw, Wu Teh-Lu, Chu Shu-Hsun, Hung Chi-Ren

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A retrospective analysis was performed in 926 consecutive Chinese persons, aged 14 to 68 years, in whom congenital heart disease had been diagnosed and catheterization had been performed over the past 24 years. The incidence of various congenital cardiac malformations was compared with that in other series reported world-wide. About 60% of the 926 patients underwent surgery, and anatomic details of the malformations were examined. Congenital aortic valvular stenosis and coarctation of the aorta were uncommon (2.4% and 1.2%, respectively) among the Chinese adults, and the ethnic differences with Western countries in the incidence of these 2 defects were apparent and real. In contrast, aneurysm of the sinus of Valsalva, either ruptured or nonruptured, was more common (4.3%) and the incidence of outlet muscular type (or type 1) of ventricular septal defect was 4 to 9 times as common as has been reported in the West. Genetic differences rather than environmental factors or dietary habits may explain these special features.
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期刊The American Journal of Cardiology
出版狀態已發佈 - 四月 1 1986


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