Feasibility of using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health Core Set for evaluation of fall-related risk factors in acute rehabilitation settings

Shih Wei Huang, Li Fong Lin, Lin Chung Chou, Mei Jung Wu, Chun De Liao, Tsan Hon Liou

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BACKGROUND: Previously, we reported the use of an International Classification of Functioning (ICF) core set that can provide a holistic framework for evaluating the risk factors of falls; however, data on the feasibility of applying this core set are lacking. AIM: To investigate the feasibility of applying the fall-related ICF risk-factor core set in the case of patients in an acute-rehabilitation setting. DESIGN. A cross-sectional and descriptive correlational design. SETTING: Acute-rehabilitation ward. POPULATION: A total of 273 patients who experienced fall at acute-rehabilitation ward. METHODS. The data on falls were collected from the hospital's Nursing Information System (NIS) and the fall-reporting system (Adverse Event Reporting System, AERS) between 2010 and 2013. The relationship of both systems to the fall-related ICF core set was analyzed to assess the feasibility of their clinical application. We evaluated the feasibility of using the fall-related ICF risk-factor core set by using the frequency and the percentage of the fall patients in of the listed categories. RESULTS. The fall-related ICF risk-factor core set category b735 (muscle tone functions) exhibited a high feasibility (85.95%) for clinical application, and the category b730 (muscle power functions) covered 77.11% of the patients. The feasibility of application of the category d410 (change basic body position) was also high in the case of all fall patients (81.69%). CONCLUSION. In the acute-rehabilitation setting, the feasibility of application of the fall-related ICF risk-factor core set is high. CLINICAL REHABILITATION IMPACT. The fall-related ICF risk-factor core set can help multidisciplinary teams develop fall-prevention strategies in acute rehabilitation wards.

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期刊European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
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