Factors associated with mandibular third molar eruption and impaction

Hung Huey Tsai

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A retrospective study, using panoramic radiographs, was conducted on 152 Taiwanese (72 males and 80 females) to investigate mandibular third molar eruption and impaction. The following measurements were made: inclinations and mesiodistal crown widths of the mandibular molars, vertical and horizontal spaces between the distal surface of the second molar and the anterior surface of the ramus, lengths and widths of the mandibular ramus and body, the ramus inclination, the mandibular plane angle, and the mandibular gonial angle. Differences between non-impaction and impaction groups were studied, and the variables were analyzed with multivariate discriminatory analysis. Significant differences between the two groups were found; variables describing spaces between the anterior of the ramus and the distal of the mandibular second molar and tooth size appeared to be the primary contributors to the differences observed.
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期刊Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry
出版狀態已發佈 - 十二月 2005

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