Evaluation of reflexology by "bioceramic resonance" operation producing weak force field during simultaneous acupoint stimulation of urinary bladder point on subject's ear resulting in electric current change on urinary bladder reflex point on subject's hands, and related new research finding

Lei Zhang, Paul Chan, Zhong Min Liu, Mimmo Gasbarri, Ming Tse Lin, C. Will Chen, Ai Ling Hou, Chun Yu Chang, Yung Che Chen, Yung Sun Chen, Wing P. Chan, Ting Kai Leung

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Objective: It was postulated in our previous publications that the meridian channels as conceived in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are various standing waves arising from harmonic rhythmic sound frequencies originating from the human heart beat. BIOCERAMIC is an artificial material able to produce a weak force field causing different biophysical and systemic health benefits, with the key characteristics of hydrogen bonds weakening and microcirculation enhancement. Since discovering that the effects of a BIOCERAMIC field can be transmitted via sound waves propagation, we then also developed a BIOCERAMIC Resonance device to produce weak force field throughout the body, and achieve resonance with the body's meridian channels to reinforce microcirculation. Methods: Since our previous research proved BIOCERAMIC can produces changes in ectodermal current levels, the present evaluation on reflexology is done by the application of Electric Current Detection (ECD) to the palmar surface of the hands matching correlative organs and glands loci to reflex points according to standard reflexology. The procedure will compare changes in the electrical current observed before and after a session of BIOCERAMIC Resonance treatment on the soles of the subjects' feet. We also conducted a procedure using corona discharge (Kirlian) photography of the hands to examine whether the coronal intensities could be affected by application of the BIOCERAMIC patch. Intensities are shown on the screen of a computer using special software that categorizes intensities into five zones. Results: Under the continuous treatment of BIOCERAMIC Resonance on soles of the feet and simultaneous stimulation on the specific point on the surface of the ear representing the urinary bladder. The electrical current (Δμ ampere) on the areas in the hands are decreased from the beginning of the experiment, but only the specific area on the surface of the ear representing the urinary bladder was exhibited increased of the electrical current (Δμ ampere), with statistically significant difference (p<0.05). To the other study we evaluated the validity of reflexology and corona discharge (Kirlian) photography by applying BIOCERAMIC Resonance and small adhesive patches made from the BIOCERAMIC material. Significant differences were evident on four out of five different zones of the computerized images. Conclusion: Our findings suggest the existence of presupposed virtual channels or reflex points on the skin surface of the feet, hands, and ears that connect or somehow reflect back to specific internal organs, as mapped out on standard charts found in reflexology. Furthermore, the depicted corona intensities from five zones shown on a computer screen of corona discharge photography seem to indicate that the volunteer subjects are affected by the BIOCERAMIC patches. This study demonstrates the operation of the BIOCERAMIC Resonance device is able to produce weak force field through the body, which is objectively measurable and thereby scientifically integrating the concepts of reflexology, meridian channels and biofield therapy.

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期刊Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics Research
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