Estradiol-binding sites in rat aortic smooth muscle cells in culture

Junko Nakao, Wen Chang Chang, Sei Itsu Murota, Hajime Orimo

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To determine whether aortic smooth muscle cells possess estradiol receptors or not, an estradiol binding study has been performed in cultured rat aortic smooth muscle cells by using an intact-cell assay. Specific binding for estradiol is shown by the cells, and the binding reaches a plateau after 15 min of incubation at 37°C. The binding curve shows a saturable binding process. Scatchard analysis reveals a single population for estradiol binding with a dissociation constant of 5.0 X 10-8 M and specific binding sites of 64 fmole per 106 cells (38,500 sites per cell). Molecular specificity shows highly specific binding with estradiol. Among various steroids tested, only testosterone at 10-5 M competes slightly (9.3%) with the estradiol-specific binding. These data indicate the existence of specific, high-affinity and limited-capacity binding sites for estradiol in rat aortic smooth muscle cells. This accords with the concept that estrogen responsiveness in aortic smooth muscle cells is mediated through the estrogen-receptor binding in the cells.

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