Energy storage system: Current studies on batteries and power condition system

Chao Zhang, Yi Li Wei, Peng Fei Cao, Meng Chang Lin

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To maximize the introduction of renewable energy, introducing grid energy storage systems are essential. Electrochemical energy storage system, i.e., battery system, exhibits high potential for grid energy storage application. A battery energy storage system is comprised of a battery module and a power conversion module. This paper starts by reviewing several potential battery systems, as well as an advanced aluminum-ion battery that currently has promising prospects in the electrochemical energy storage system. The characteristics of the batteries are reviewed and compared, including the materials, electrochemistry, performance and costs. The application prospect of the batteries is discussed. The paper summarizes the features of current and future grid energy storage battery, lists the advantages and disadvantages of different types of batteries, and points out that the performance and capacity of large-scale battery energy storage system depend on battery and power condition system (PCS). The power conversion system determines the operational condition of the entire energy storage system. The new generation wide bandgap semiconductor for power electronic technology is discussed from the perspective of performance, topology, model and non-linearity and is compared to the traditional silicon-based semiconductor. Finally, the application prospect of the new generation semiconductor technology in the energy storage system is indicated. This paper concludes the application status of the energy storage system in the renewable energy power generation and indicates the critical problems that need to be addressed during the construction and operation of the storage system.
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期刊Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
出版狀態已發佈 - 2月 2018

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