Efficacy of a novel Pasteurella multocida vaccine against progressive atrophic rhinitis of swine

Shih Ling Hsuan, Chih Ming Liao, Chienjin Huang, James R. Winton, Zeng Weng Chen, Wei Cheng Lee, Jiunn Wang Liao, Ter Hsin Chen, Chwei Jang Chiou, Kuang Sheng Yeh, Maw Sheng Chien

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The efficacy of a novel vaccine composed of three short recombinant subunit Pasteurella multocida toxin (PMT) proteins in combination with a bi-valent P. multocida whole-cell bacterin (rsPMT-PM) was evaluated in field studies for prevention and control of progressive atrophic rhinitis (PAR) of swine at 15 conventional farrow-to-finish farms. Experimental piglets that were immunized twice with the rsPMT-PM vaccine developed detectable titers of neutralizing antibodies (greater than 1:8) that prevented the growth retardation and pathological lesions typically observed following challenge with authentic PMT. A total of 542 sows were vaccinated once or twice prior to parturition and serum neutralizing antibody titers were evaluated. Both single and double vaccination protocols induced neutralizing antibody titers of 1:16 or higher in 62% and 74% of sows, respectively. Notably, neither sows nor piglets at a farm experiencing a severe outbreak of PAR at the time of the vaccination trial had detectable antibody titers, but antibody titers increased significantly to 1:16 or higher in 40% of sows following double vaccination. During the year after vaccination, clinical signs of PAR decreased in fattening pigs and growth performance improved sufficiently to reduce the rearing period until marketing by 2 weeks. Collectively, these results indicate that the rsPMT-PM vaccine could be used to provide protective immunity for controlling the prevalence and severity of PAR among farm-raised swine.
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