Effects of the offset term in experimental simulation on afterglow decay curve

Chi Yang Tsai, Jeng Wen Lin, Yih Ping Huang, Yung Chieh Huang

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This study examines the effect of the offset term in a multiple single exponential equation that fits into experimental afterglow decay curve data for material applications. For afterglow materials applied and attached to structures, the inclusion of this offset term may reduce the values of the calculated decay times, τ i, and enlarge the time invariant constants, A i, in the associated equation compared to theoretically perfect test conditions. Using a set of experimental data obtained from a lab under dim light, adjustments can be made to calculate the required parameters for an equation without the offset term. This study uses mathematical simulations and lab tests to support our thesis and crosslink test results generated from different ambient light conditions. This paper defines the offset ratio as the ratio of the offset value, I 0, versus the initial light intensity in an equation. This ratio can be used to evaluate possible effects on the calculated parameters of an equation in an associated numerical simulation. The most reliable parameters will have consistent results from the use of multiple single exponential equations, with and without the offset term, in simulations to obtain them in an equation to model a set of data.
期刊Scientific World Journal
出版狀態已發佈 - 2014

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