Does serum gastric parietal cell antibody titer have influence on anemia and vitamin B12 deficiency in atrophic glossitis patients?

Chun Pin Chiang, Yu Hsueh Wu, Julia Yu Fong Chang, Yi Ping Wang, Yang Che Wu, Andy Sun

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Background/Purpose: Our previous study found 284 gastric parietal cell antibody (GPCA)-positive atrophic glossitis (AG) patients (so-called GPCA+AG patients in this study) in a group of 1064 AG patients. This study evaluated whether high-titer (GPCA titer ≥ 160) GPCA+AG patients had greater frequencies of anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, macrocytosis, and hyperhomocysteinemia than low-titer (GPCA titer < 160) GPCA+AG patients. Methods: Complete blood count, serum iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, homocysteine, and GPCA levels in 117 high-titer GPCA+AG patients, 167 low-titer GPCA+AG patients, and 532 healthy control subjects were measured and compared. Results: We found that 12.0%, 29.1%, 23.1%, 16.2%, 1.7%, and 23.1% of 117 high-titer GPCA+AG patients and 5.4%, 17.4%, 17.4%, 7.2%, 1.2%, and 14.4% of 167 low-titer GPCA+AG patients were diagnosed as having macrocytosis, blood hemoglobin, iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid deficiencies, and hyperhomocysteinemia, respectively. Moreover, both 117 high-titer and 167 low-titer GPCA+AG patients had significantly greater frequencies of macrocytosis, blood hemoglobin, serum iron and vitamin B12 deficiencies, and hyperhomocysteinemia than 532 healthy control subjects (all P-values < 0.05). In addition, 117 high-titer GPCA+AG patients also had greater frequencies of anemia (P = 0.029, statistically significant), serum vitamin B12 deficiency (P = 0.027, statistically significant), macrocytosis (P = 0.075, marginal significance), and hyperhomocysteinemia (P = 0.085, marginal significance) than 167 low-titer GPCA+AG patients. Conclusion: For GPCA+AG patients, high-titer GPCA+AG patients have greater frequencies of anemia, serum vitamin B12 deficiency, macrocytosis, and hyperhomocysteinemia than low-titer GPCA+AG patients.
期刊Journal of the Formosan Medical Association
出版狀態已發佈 - 一月 1 2019


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