Disability among the elderly of Taiwan

R. L. Hsieh, I. N. Lein, W. C. Lee, T. K. Lee

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A cross-sectional study on the correlates of elderly disability was conducted in Taiwan. A total of 400 subjects was randomly selected according to Barthel Index scores from among 2600 subjects, which was a sample of a previous community-based health survey of elderly aged 65 or over. After comprehensive interviews and examinations of the subjects, disability dimensions and its correlates were identified. Results showed elderly with lower Mini-Mental State Examination scores and chronic diseases (such as stroke, pressure sores, hypertension, fracture, etc.) were more physical- functionally and socially disabled. This suggests that prevention and treatment of chronic diseases should be pursued further and that further assessment of cognitive-mental status in the elderly is warranted. In addition, males were more disabled than females in a physical-functional aspect, which may be the consequence of the traditional Chinese cultural effect.

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期刊American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
出版狀態已發佈 - 1995

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