Design and fabrication of ring resonator spectral response through-drop wavelengths selective

Jian Chiun Liou, Fu Yuan Wang

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In this paper, we discuss the basic characteristics of the SOI based micro-ring resonator, and understand the influence of the high refractive index difference and the small size on the spectral characteristics of the ring resonator. The novelty and importance of the spectral response selectivity of ring resonators is driven by the grating couple technique. This advantage is the periodic variation of the refractive index in the coupled grating, which will result in the coupling of the conduction wave modes. By means of measurement and simulation, observe the changes and trends of the spectrum in steady state and transient state, and finally analyze the performance of the ring resonator in the application of signal processing. It achieves polarization-independent grating couplers with high efficiency, wide bandwidth and low polarization-dependent loss at around the 1560 nm optical communication band. Drop end set laser wavelength correction 1591.9 nm.
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