Depression training in nursing homes: Lessons learned from a pilot study

Marianne Smith, Mary Ellen Stolder, Benjamin Jaggers, Megan Fang Liu, Chris Haedtke

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Late-life depression is common among nursing home residents, but often is not addressed by nurses. Using a self-directed CD-based depression training program, this pilot study used mixed methods to assess feasibility issues, determine nurse perceptions of training, and evaluate depression-related outcomes among residents in usual care and training conditions. Of 58 nurses enrolled, 24 completed the training and gave it high ratings. Outcomes for 50 residents include statistically significant reductions in depression severity over time (p <0.001) among all groups. Depression training is an important vehicle to improve depression recognition and daily nursing care, but diverse factors must be addressed to assure optimal outcomes.

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期刊Issues in Mental Health Nursing
出版狀態已發佈 - 2月 2013

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