Cytogenetic studies in non-African Burkitt lymphoma

E. C. Douglass, I. T. Magrath, E. C. Lee, J. Whang-Peng

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A particular translocation between chromosomes 8 and 14 has been found repeatedly in cytogenetic studies of Burkitt lymphoma, both of African and non-African origin. We report here our findings in cytogenic studies of direct tumor preparations from 18 non-African Burkitt lymphoma patients, 9 of whom also had cell lines available for study. A t(8;14) was found in direct tumor material in 10 of the 18 patients. Seven of the 9 cell lines had a t(8;14). A total of 15 patients had either a t(8;14) or a 14q+ present in tumor material and/or cell lines. In addition, 8 patients had a peculiar marker chromosome 1. The t(8;14) was not found in every malignant cell and, where present, it was rarely the sole karyotypic abnormality. The relationship of the t(8;14) to the evolution of the tumor is discussed.
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