Curvature correction in patients with tunical rupture: A necessary adjunct to repair

Geng Long Hsu, Cheng Hsing Hsieh, Hsien Sheng Wen, Tzu J. Rang, Han-Sun Chiang

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Purpose: We review our experience with traumatic tunical rupture repair with and without simultaneous penile curvature correction. Materials and Methods: Since November 1987, 11 men 23 to 39 years old have presented to us with tunical rupture, of whom 10 underwent surgical repair. All except 1 of the 8 men injured during sexual activity reported a curved penile appearance during erection. After patient 3 in our series sustained repeat rupture 5 months postoperatively due to penile curvature the next 7 underwent simultaneous curvature correction, which since 1996 has been done using 6-zero nylon. Results: Recovery was uneventful in 2 of the 3 men who underwent simple tunical repair with 4-zero polyglactin or polyglycolic acid. All 7 of subsequent patients in whom curvature correction was performed simultaneously recovered satisfactorily with resumed erectile capability. Conclusions: Although coital position may be an important factor in tunical rupture during sexual activity, penile curvature may be contributory and should be corrected simultaneously with tunical repair.
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期刊Journal of Urology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2002

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