Correction: Hou et al. Emerging role of vitamins D and K in modulating uremic vascular calcification: The aspect of passive calcification. (Nutrients (2019), 11(1), 152, 10.3390/nu11010152)

Yi Chou Hou, Chien Lin Lu, Cai Mei Zheng, Ruei Ming Chen, Yuh Feng Lin, Wen Chih Liu, Tzung Hai Yen, Remy Chen, Kuo Cheng Lu

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The authors wish to make the following changes to their paper (Hou et al. [1]). 1. The concepts of our article are based on the results of important studies, and the authors of 2 articles suggested to us modifying the concepts in order to match their study results. Published version: A. Introduction (p2/14): Furthermore, vitamin K supplements were found to be crucial for stabilizing CPPS and MVs in patients with CKD [13]. Through this review, we would to elucidate the relationship between vitamin K deficiency and uremic calcification, as well as the role of vitamin supplements in the prevention of uremic vascular calcification. B. Vitamin D Supplementation as a Potential Target for Salvaging Uncarboxylated MGP (p9/14): Van Ballegooijen et al. provided evidence that vitamin D deficiency (< 50 mmol/L), along with vitamin K deficiency, predicts higher risk of hypertension in the Netherlands [7].

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