Corneal injury by anti-misting agent in swim goggles: A case report

Kai Ling Peng, Ko Hua Chen, Wen-Ming Hsu, Hei Chung Ho, Chien Cheng Chiang, Yen Cheng Lee, Jui Yang Lai

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Purpose: To report a case of corneal injury by swim goggle anti-misting agent. Methods: Case report. Results: A 47-year-old man presented with ocular injury caused by swim goggle anti-misting agent. Two weeks previously, the patient felt sudden ocular pain and grit after pool water flooded his goggles while swimming. Before the patient's swim, a copious amount of anti-misting agent was sprayed inside his goggles. On examination, severe corneal epithelial defect and stroma edema of the right eye were noted. Best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) was 20/40. Right eye corneal thickness was 625 μm. Topical corticosteroids, antibiotic eye drops, and oral tetracycline were started. After 1 week of treatment, the epithelial defect of his right cornea improved slightly. Stromal edema decreased mildly. Epithelial defect persisted at 1 month follow-up. Right eye BCVA remained 20/40. Three months after treatment, the right eye epithelial defect healed completely. Mild diffuse superficial stromal opacity was noted. BCVA improved to 20/20. At 1-year follow-up, right eye corneal thickness was 547 μm, which was thinner than the left eye. Right eye corneal endothelial cell density measured approximately 1500 cells/mm 2, which was less than the left eye at 2300 cells/mm2. The faint, diffuse stromal opacity disappeared; however, white subepithelial plaques were noted in the cornea centers. After 1 month of treatment with topical corticosteroids, the plaques subsided completely. The corneas remained clear at 2-year follow-up. Conclusion: Anti-misting agent can cause severe corneal injuries, including persistent epithelial defects, stromal edema and opacity, endothelial cell loss, and subepithelial plaque.

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    Peng, K. L., Chen, K. H., Hsu, W-M., Ho, H. C., Chiang, C. C., Lee, Y. C., & Lai, J. Y. (2006). Corneal injury by anti-misting agent in swim goggles: A case report. Cornea, 25(2), 228-231.