Cooking methods and depressive symptoms are joint risk factors for fatigue among migrant Indonesian women working domestically in Taiwan

Khairizka Citra Palupi, Chun Kuang Shih, Jung Su Chang

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Background and Objectives: Fatigue is a critical occupational health risk among migrant workers. Globally, more than half of migrant workers are women. However, the prevalence rate and risk factors for fatigue in domestically em-ployed migrant women are unknown. Methods and Study Design: In total, 194 Indonesian women migrants aged 20-50 years who were working in Taipei were studied. Self-perceived acculturation, dietary acculturation, BMI and hae-moglobin were evaluated. Fatigue and depressive symptoms were assessed using the Brief Fatigue Inventory and Beck Depression Inventory-II, respectively. Results: The prevalence of fatigue was 27.8%. Depressive symptoms (p < 0.0001), cooking methods (p=0.027), and self-perceived feelings of sadness and weakness (p=0.003) were associat-ed with fatigue. After adjustment for covariates, the ORs for depressive symptoms (OR: 5.40; 95% CI: 2.32-12.6), deep frying/stir frying (OR: 5.23; 95% CI: 1.27-21.5), and self-perceived feelings of sadness and weakness (OR: 3.41; 95% CI: 1.26-9.25) remained significant. An interactive analysis revealed that women without depressive symptoms who used deep frying/stir frying as a cooking method had a 3.5-fold (1-12.3) higher risk of fatigue than did those who used non-deep frying and stir frying as cooking methods (which served as the reference) for cooking. By contrast, women with depressive symptoms who used non-deep frying and stir frying had a 6.5-fold (2.8-15.3) higher risk of fa-tigue, and the risk increased sharply to 12.6-fold (1.26-125.8) if they used deep frying and stir frying for cooking. Conclusions: The risk of fatigue among migrant women working domestically is increased when they exhibit depres-sive symptoms and their cooking technique is frying.

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期刊Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
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