Constructing area-level indicators of successful ageing in Taiwan

Hui Chuan Hsu, Chiung Yi Tsai, Ming Cheng Chang, Dih Ling Luh

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We constructed area-level indicators of successful ageing in Taiwan. Area-level successful ageing was defined as follows: the living environment in a community/city is beneficial for physical, psychological and social health, and the people living in the area are well informed about the issues that pertain to maintaining health and behave in ways that promote their health. A modified Delphi method and analytical hierarchy process were used, with eight experts completing three successive rounds of questionnaires to determine the appropriate dimensions and indicators. In total, 65 indicators of area-level successful ageing were suggested. The weights of the six dimensions of the area indicators were determined as follows: health status (0.273), health lifestyle (0.182), social participation (0.166), health-care resources and utilisation (0.164), social environment (0.113) and natural environment (0.102). Nationwide survey data and government statistics were used to describe the profiles of 23 cities and counties in Taiwan with respect to successful ageing. Degree of ageing and geographic location were not related significantly to the total successful ageing scores of the cities/counties. However, urbanisation was correlated negatively to the total score (Spearman's ρ = -0.43), the dimensions health status (ρ = -0.54), health lifestyle (ρ = -0.52), and natural environment (ρ = -0.43), and degree of ageing was related moderately and negatively to health lifestyle (ρ = -0.39). There were significant differences in health lifestyle and natural environment according to geographic location. These area indicators will be helpful to local governments for monitoring and improving successful ageing within their communities.
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期刊Health and Social Care in the Community
出版狀態已發佈 - 一月 1 2010

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