Components of anterior crossbite in the primary dentition

Hung Huey Tsai

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The craniofacial and dental components of anterior crossbite children with a full primary dentition were investigated by means of a cephalometric and correlation study. A group of thirty-two Taiwanese children with anterior crossbite was compared to a group of thirty-two normal occlusion subjects. The facial profile polygon method was used for assessing morphological characteristics of craniofacial pattern. According to the results, early signs of anterior crossbite are present in the primary dentition. A smaller anterior cranial base, a retruded positioning of the maxilla and a smaller interincisal angle were found in the anterior crossbite children. A correlation analysis between all the cephalometric measurements was carried out, and the significance of the differences between correlation coefficients of the two groups was calculated. The normal occlusion group shows negative correlation between interincisal angle and FH-SGn angle. The anterior crossbite group shows positive correlation between FH-NPog angle and U1-FH angle.
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期刊Journal of Dentistry for Children
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