Comparison of length of hospital stay between Taipei City and Hualien County in spinal trauma patients

Wei Chen Lee, Wen Ta Chiu, Shin Han Tsai, Mau Roung Lin, Shu Fen Chu, Carlos Lam

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Background/Purpose: Urban and rural regions have different levels of medical resources. This study aimed to compare the length of stay (LOS) in hospital of spinal trauma patients between the city of Taipei (urban region) and Hualien County (rural region). Methods: Demographic and clinical variables of spinal trauma patients were collected. Patients' LOS in hospital and associated factors were analyzed. Results: There were significant differences in sex (p = 0.025), injury season (p = 0.007), type of neurologic deficit (p = 0.006), and number of associated injuries (p = 0.004) between patients in these two regions. Regression analysis indicated that with increased age, the hospitalization days and intensive care unit days increased in Taipei. The hospitalization days of patients in Hualien County increased when patients were injured during January to March. Conclusion: Factors affecting patients' LOS in hospital were different between the two regions. Prevention strategies are necessary to be aware of different factors affecting LOS between urban and rural regions.

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期刊Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine(Taiwan)
出版狀態已發佈 - 十月 2010


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