Comparison of kinetic models for the aqueous solid-liquid extraction of Tilia sapwood a continuous stirred tank reactor

Hanatou Adamou Harouna-Oumarou, Henri Fauduet, Catherine Porte, Yuh Shan Ho

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The kinetic study of the aqueous extraction of Tilia sapwood was based on temperature, while all the other factors were kept constant. Several models were used and compared to explain the kinetics of the aqueous solid-liquid extraction of Tilia sapwood. For each model, the rate constant, the equilibrium extraction capacity, and the initial extraction rate were evaluated to analyze the suitability of these kinetic models to describe the leaching process for temperatures ranging from 313 to 363 K. The pseudo first-order model could not be applied during the whole of the process. The Elovich model provided a good degree of correlation (from 0.929 to 0.988) and could be applied all along the extraction process. The pseudo second-order model was satisfactorily applied, with coefficients of correlation over 0.998, showing that it perfectly described the process. A physical explanation of these models was finally proposed.
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期刊Chemical Engineering Communications
出版狀態已發佈 - 一月 3 2007


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