Cloning and characterization of the carp prolactin gene

Huang Tsu Chen, Chien Shun Chiou, Wen Chang Chang

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A carp genomic DNA clone containing the carp prolactin (Prl) gene was isolated with carp Prl cDNA as a probe. The organization of the carp Prl gene was determined by restriction nuclease mapping and nucleotide sequencing. The Prl gene comprises approx. 2.8 kilobasepairs (kb) of DNA including the 5′-flanking region, five exons, four introns and the 3′-flanking region. Analysis of the 5′-flanking region reveals (1) the sequence TATATAAT at positions -38 to -31 upstream from the cap site which was found to be a guanine residue, and (2) the palindrome, CTCATTGCATA-TACAAATGAG at positions -79 to -59. The carp Prl gene matches with the reported cDNA except for one difference in coding region and five in the 3′-flanking region, while the encoded amino acid sequences are identical. The arrangement of exons and introns is very similar to that seen in carp GH as well as mammalian Prl, which, however, have much longer introns.
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期刊BBA - Gene Structure and Expression
出版狀態已發佈 - 2月 16 1991

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