Choroid plexus tumors in childhood - Histopathologic study and clinico-pathological correlation

Donald M. Ho, Tai-Tong Wong, Hung Chang Liu

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Choroid plexus tumors are rare and account for only 2.3% (8/352) of primary childhood intracranial neoplasms in our series. Most of our patients were under 2 years of age. The tumors had a predilection for the lateral ventricle. Calcification was found in half of these tumors, and ossification was seen in 1 case. Histological features of malignancy including invasion, loss of differentiation, and severe nuclear pleomorphism pointed to a poor prognosis. Such features were found in 2 cases. Neither a large number of mitoses nor necrosis was a constant feature in cases of malignancy. Transthyretin, a marker for choroid plexus tumors, was positive in all cases. However, negative S-100 or positive carcinoembryonic antigen was not necessarily associated with a more aggressive histological pattern. All the papillomas could be totally resected without recurrence, and all the patients with carcinoma died within a few months.

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