Chondroma of the external auditory canal - Case report

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The chondroma of the external auditory canal (EAC) is very rare. We incidentally experienced a case of EAC chondroma. The tumor, 2 X 2 mm in size, located at the anterior wall of left EAC. Just in front of the short process of malleus. A total of 8 cases of chondroma of the EAC, including the current case and 7 previously reported cases, were reviewed. All of the EAC tumors were single, unilateral, and originated from the tympanosquamous or tympanomastoid suture. The Chondroma of the EAC were usually asymptomatic. The pathogenesis and differential diagnosis of his disease were discussed.

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期刊Journal of the Otolaryngological Society of the Republic of China
出版狀態已發佈 - 1997

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