Choledochal cyst in pregnancy - Report of two cases

Yung Kang Wu, Yao Jen Chang, Yeu Tsu Margarat Lee, Hwa Tzong Chen, Shih Ming Huang, Ming Che Lee, Yu Min Huang

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Choledochal cyst is a congenital abnormality of the biliary tract, presenting primarily in infants and young children. It is very uncommon for choledochal cyst presenting during pregnancy. The preferred management of choledochal cyst is excision and Rouxen Y reconstruction. However, choledochal cyst occurring in pregnant woman always represents a therapeutic challenge to surgeons not only due to the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy, but also to the risk of fetal mortality and maternal morbidity that is associated with this procedure. Therefore, a more conservative approach may have to be adopted to minimize the surgical risk. We present our experience with two cases of choledochal cyst presenting during pregnancy and review the literature regarding Choledochal cyst in pregnancy.

期刊Tzu Chi Medical Journal
出版狀態已發佈 - 八月 2005

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