Change in Leisure Participation among Older Adults after Falling

Tuo Yu Chen, Megan C. Janke

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Falls among older adults can lead to severe physical and psychological consequences. However, whether leisure participation changes after falling is not clear. We investigated whether falls resulted in reduced leisure participation in terms of duration, number, and intensity among older adults. Secondary data from the Health and Retirement Study and the Consumption and Activities Mail Survey (n = 1163) were analyzed. The results showed falls did not predict future leisure participation. Female, white, higher education, fewer functional limitations, and good balance were significant predictors of leisure participation at follow-up. Being white also predicted a significant decline in total number of leisure activities from baseline to follow-up, whereas higher education protected older adults from a significant reduction in total intensity of leisure activity. Our findings suggest falls may not directly affect leisure participation, but its risk factors, such as demographics, functional limitations, and balance, have a direct impact on leisure participation.
期刊Leisure Sciences
出版狀態已發佈 - 2022

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