Case management knowledge and preparedness among public health nurses

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Background: Taiwanese public health nurses are increasingly required to act as case managers. However, little is known about nurses' knowledge and preparedness levels in assuming the responsibilities of case management. Purpose: This article explores the knowledge and preparedness levels of experienced public health nurses related to case management. Methods: A cross-sectional survey of Taiwanese public health nurseswas conducted. A structured questionnairewas used to collect data on participants' knowledge of case management and perceived preparedness levels in performing role activities. The questionnaire consisted of three sections: Section One featured 20 multiple-choice items, Section Two included case manager role activities, and Section Three gathered demographic information. Results: One hundred seventy-eight public health nurses were recruited from 10 health offices, with a 99% valid response rate. The overall average correct response rate for case management knowledge was 49%, which fell significantly below the minimum acceptable average score of 60%. Participants held neutral opinions regarding their preparedness levels for performing casemanagement role activities, with amean score of 3.2 (SD = 0.5, range = 1-5). In addition, this study unexpectedly found that the higher knowledge level group was significantly younger on average than the lower knowledge group. More than three quarters (82%) of participants had no prior education in case management. Conclusions/Implications for Practice: The results reflect substantial gaps in Taiwanese public health nurses' knowledge and preparation for the practice of case management. There is an urgent need to strengthen case management continuing education for public health nurses and address knowledge deficits and the role activities identified with lower preparedness levels.
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