Cardiac myxoma with unusual obstructive and embolic presentations: Concurrent stroke and angiography-negative myocardial infarction - A case report

Robert Jeen Chen Chen, Hsin Hua Chou, Kuei Ton Tsai, Ta Chung Shen, Chin Yuan Hu

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We present a case of cardiac myxoma with atypical presentations of concurrent stroke and angiography-negative myocardial infarction. The case emphasizes the importance of basic echocardiography and timely surgery in the management of cardiac myxoma. An elderly woman presented to the emergency department in an unconscious state. Electrocardiogram and elevated cardiac enzymes suggested acute myocardial infarction; however, immediate coronary angiography proved patency. Basic echocardiography revealed an oscillating left atrial myxoma obstructing inflow through the mitral valve. After regaining consciousness while in the intensive care unit, the patient developed respiratory distress and shock, and emergent en bloc resection was performed. Ataxia was noted in her postoperative course and multiple small cerebellar infarcts were found on magnetic resonance imaging. After a 1-month period of rehabilitation, the patient recovered well and continues to be followed as an outpatient. Cardiac myxoma requires timely management and may be missed if not included in the differential diagnoses. Basic echocardiography, also called focused cardiac ultrasound, may aid in the diagnosing of perplexing cardiac cases.
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