Burkitt tumor: Tissue culture, cytogenetic and virus studies

Sarah E. Stewart, Elizabeth Lovelace, Jacqueline J. Whang, V. Anomah Ngu

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Tumor cells that retained their original histology were grown from a biopsy taken from a 7-year-ofd male with a Burkitt tumor. The cells grew in suspension, usually in clumps varying from a few to hundreds of cells in a free-floating mass. This cell line was designated SL1. A herpes-like virus, which caused some cell degeneration of the tumor cells in culture, was observed by electron microscopy. Supernatant fluids from the SL1 cultures failed to produce a cytopathogenic effect in inoculated cell lines. A specific chromosome alteration was observed in the cells from the original tumor and in the cultured tumor cells.
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期刊Journal of the National Cancer Institute
出版狀態已發佈 - 一月 1 1965

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