Building a multimedia e-learning model for preventing club drug abuse

Wei Yi Fan, Wenn Chieh Tsai, Yu Chen Lee, Chih Ying Huang, Chiu Ming Hu, Chien Yeh Hsu

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According to the statistical analysis, the rate of seizing Club Drugs has been increased these years. Thus, it is very important to find ways for preventing drug abuse. In this study, we combined drug abuse knowledge, situated learning theory, and multimedia methods to implement an internet-based learning model for preventing abuse of club drugs. An interactive scenario simulation e-learning model was created, which is based on a very distinctive design called Virtual Drug Abuse Scenario Simulation (VDASS).The idea of virtual scenario simulation was adopted in this study to create the material and activities for the on-line e-learning system. The content was advised and contributed by many experts who have practical medicine experiences. Incorporated with multimedia knowledge database, the system management platform was established to provide the information about drug abuse and the education resources for medicine development, and become a portal web page for the education and information retrieval of drug abuse.

The evaluation results show that the outcomes (test scores) of the post-test is better than that of the pre-test. Besides learning effects evaluation, the result of the satisfied questionnaire of system shows that the overall satisfaction is 76.96%. Therefore, the results support our hypothesis that the effect of applying VDASS e-learning model is suitable and feasible. In the future, more evaluation can be done for different user groups such as the general populations. Furthermore, searching for the full-text and related external web pages will be constructed in this system.
主出版物標題Proceedings: DMS 2007 - 13th International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems
發行者Knowledge Systems Institute Graduate School
出版狀態已發佈 - 2007
事件13th International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems, DMS 2007 - San Francisco, 美国
持續時間: 9月 6 20079月 8 2007


會議13th International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems, DMS 2007
城市San Francisco

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