Blood-derived, tissue engineering biomaterials

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Fibrin sealant and platelet gels are human blood-derived, biodegradable, non toxic, surgical products obtained by mixing a fibrinogen concentrate or a platelet rich plasma with thrombin, respectively. Fibrin sealant is now a well known surgical tool increasingly used to stop or control bleeding, or to provide air and fluid tightness in many surgical situations. Platelet gels are newly developed preparations that are of specific interest because they contain numerous physiological growth factors and cytikines that are released upon the activation of blood platelets by thrombin. These growth factors, including PDGF, TGF-β 1, BMP, and VEGF have been shown to stimulate cell growth and differentiation with special clinical benefits for soft and bony tissue healing and regeneration. Platelet gels allow surgeons to manipulate the cellular environment of surgical sites and to guide tissue regeneration. A specific interest of such products is observed for the induction of osteogenesis and chondrogenesis. Advances in the preparation, clinical use, and safety of these two important classes of blood-derived biomaterials are reviewed.
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