Bilateral testicular tumors in an infant

C. C. Luo, J. N. Lin, C. S. Huang

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A 7-month-old infant showed bilateral enlarged, non-tender scrotal masses. The level of α-fetoprotein was greater than 10,000 ng/ml preoperatively; a high left inguinal orchiectomy was performed for a suspected yolk-sac tumor. The right testis was diagnosed as a mature teratoma because it was not possible to establish a line of cleavage between the tumor and the normal tissue, and a high right inguinal orchiectomy was performed. Only one case of bilateral testicular teratomas has been reported in the literature to date. We report a rare second case of bilateral testicular tumors, one a yolk-sac turner and the other a teratoma.

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期刊Pediatric Surgery International
出版狀態已發佈 - 一月 1998

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