BCL6 overexpression is associated with decreased p19ARF expression and confers an independent prognosticator in gallbladder carcinoma

Peir In Liang, Chien Feng Li, Li Tzong Chen, Ding Ping Sun, Tzu Ju Chen, Chung Hsi Hsing, Han Ping Hsu, Ching Yih Lin

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B cell lymphoma 6 (BCL6) is a protein that is vital for lymphogenesis. Its expression has been well established in lymphoma, especially in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Its role in carcinogenesis is less well understood. Previous study shows that BCL6 expression may regulate p19 functions, an important regulator for the p53 pathway. No prior study has attempted to evaluate the significance of BCL6 and p19ARF expression in a large cohort of patients with gallbladder carcinomas (GBCs). We selected 164 patients with GBC and performed immunostains for BCL6 and p19ARF. BCL6 expression and p19ARF expression were evaluated using a histochemical score (H-score). We then correlated the results with various clinicopathological factors, disease-specific survival (DSS), and disease-free survival (DFS). BCL6 overexpression was significantly associated with high pT status, high TNM stage, higher histological grade (p=0.029), vascular invasion, perineurial invasion, high Ki-67 labeling index, and low p19 expression. Importantly, BCL6 overexpression in GBC was strongly associated with worse DSS (pARF expression was correlated with a poor DSS (p=0.0144) and DFS (p=0.0032) in the univariate analysis but was not prognosticatory in the multivariate analysis. In GBC, BCL6 overexpression correlated with adverse phenotypes and decreased p19ARF expression. BCL6 overexpression also independently predicts worse DSS and DFS, suggesting it has a role in tumorigenesis or carcinogenesis and could be a potential prognostic indicator in GBC.

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期刊Tumor Biology
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