Applications to implant dentistry

Jianping Geng, Wei Xu, Keson B.C. Tan, Quan Sheng Ma, Haw Ming Huang, Sheng Yang Lee, Weiqi Yan, Bin Deng, Yong Zhao

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Although the precise mechanisms are not fully understood, it is clear that there is an adaptive remodelling response of surrounding bone to stresses. Implant features causing excessive high or low stresses can possibly contribute to pathologic bone resorption or bone atrophy. This chapter reviews the current applications of FEA in Implant Dentistry. Findings from FEA studies will then be discussed in relation to the bone-implant interface; the implant-prosthesis connection; and multiple implant prostheses.

主出版物標題Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China
發行者Springer India
出版狀態已發佈 - 一月 1 2008


名字Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China

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    Geng, J., Xu, W., Tan, K. B. C., Ma, Q. S., Huang, H. M., Lee, S. Y., Yan, W., Deng, B., & Zhao, Y. (2008). Applications to implant dentistry. 於 Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China (頁 61-80). (Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China). Springer India.