Application of the Integrated Behavioral Model to oral self-care behavior of community-dwelling middle-aged and older people in Taiwan

Mu-Hsing Ho, Hui-Chen Rita Chang, Yen-Kuang Lin, Victoria Traynor, Hung-Huey Tsai, Kathleen Buckwalter, Megan F Liu, Chia-Chi Chang

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OBJECTIVES: This study evaluated the Integrated Behavioral Model and examined oral self-care behavior of community-dwelling middle-aged and older people.

DESIGN: A cross-sectional design was used.

SAMPLE: Purposive sampling was employed to recruit middle and older age community-dwelling individuals, with research locations in public health centers in northern Taiwan.

MEASUREMENTS: Structured questionnaires comprised: participant demographics, oral health literacy, oral self-care attitude, self-efficacy, intention, and behavior, and significant others' perceptions and beliefs as well as environmental constraints. The Model verification was evaluated by path analysis.

RESULTS: Two hundred and sixty-three participants (N = 263) completed the questionnaire survey. Results identified significant direct effects of the independent variables of oral health care literacy, intention of oral self-care, and perception of environmental constraints on the dependent variable of oral self-care behavior; and significant indirect effects on attitude of oral self-care, perception of significant other beliefs, self-efficacy of oral self-care.

CONCLUSION: Public health nurses work with the whole community and can potentially improve the oral self-care behavior of middle-aged and older adults by enhancing their oral health knowledge, maintaining their positive attitudes, assisting acceptance of recognition and support from others, increasing their ability to perform oral self-care, reducing environmental constraints, and thereby enhancing their oral self-care awareness.

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