Amorphization of transition metal-Si alloy powders by mechanical alloying

Pee Yew Lee, Chung Kwei Lin, Hong Ming Lin

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Amorphization of TM-Si (TM: trasition metal) alloy powders by mechanical alloying has been systematically investigated. Pure element powder mixtures were mechanically alloyed for ten hours with a high energy ball mill. The results show that amorphous metallic silicide powders were successfully synthesized in Ti-Si, Zr-Si, Nb-Si, and Ta-Si systems. Prediction of the amorphization range of mechanically alloyed TM-Si powders by the Miedema model is inappropriate. The possible criteria for the amorphization of TM3Si powders after mechanical alloying 10 h in a shaker ball mill are (a) the free energy of amorphous state of TM3Si powders is less than -31.95 kJ/mole, and (b) the silicon to trasition metal atomic radius ratio is less than 0.985.
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期刊Journal of Applied Physics
出版狀態已發佈 - 1993

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