Acute pancreatitis caused by severe glyphosate-surfactant oral intoxication

Cheng ting Hsiao, Leng jye Lin, Kuang yu Hsiao, Meng hua Chou, Shih hsin Hsiao

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Glyphosate-surfactant is used extensively as a nonselective herbicide. Suicidal attempts with glyphosate-surfactant herbicide (GlySH) has been encountered with increasing frequency. The effect of GlySH intoxication often involves multiple systems. We report a case of a severely intoxicated man who developed chemical pneumonitis and respiratory failure after suicidal ingestion of GlySH. Acute pancreatitis, which was never covered by any previous case reports, developed in the first day, and the symptom persisted for 10 days during hospitalization.
期刊American Journal of Emergency Medicine
出版狀態已發佈 - 三月 1 2008

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