Abnormal Functional Relationship of Sensorimotor Network With Neurotransmitter-Related Nuclei via Subcortical-Cortical Loops in Manic and Depressive Phases of Bipolar Disorder

Martino, M., Magioncalda, P., Conio, B., Capobianco, L., Russo, D., Adavastro, G., Tumati, S., Tan, Z., Lee, H-C., Lane, T. J., Amore, M., Inglese, M. & Northoff, G., 一月 4 2020, 於 : Schizophrenia Bulletin. 46, 1, p. 163-174 12 p.

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Bipolar Disorder
Neurotransmitter Agents
Raphe Nuclei
Basal Ganglia

A cost-effectiveness analysis of trastuzumab-containing treatment sequences for HER-2 positive metastatic breast cancer patients in Taiwan

Diaby, V., Alqhtani, H., van Boemmel-Wegmann, S., Wang, C. Y., Ali, A. A., Balkrishnan, R., Ko, Y., Palacio, S. & de Lima Lopes, G., 二月 1 2020, 於 : Breast. 49, p. 141-148 8 p.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章


A multicenter, phase I/II trial of biweekly S-1, leucovorin, oxaliplatin and gemcitabine in metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma–TCOG T1211 study

Chiang, N. J., Tsai, K. K., Hsiao, C. F., Yang, S. H., Hsiao, H. H., Shen, W. C., Hsu, C., Lin, Y. L., Chen, J. S., Shan, Y. S. & Chen, L. T., 一月 2020, 於 : European Journal of Cancer. 124, p. 123-130 8 p.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章


An assessment of the psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the Gout Impact Scale

Pao, C. H. & Ko, Y., 一月 2 2020, 於 : Current Medical Research and Opinion. 36, 1, p. 17-21 5 p.

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Association of Time-Varying Rest-Activity Rhythm With Survival in Older Adults With Lung Cancer

Kuo, L. C., Chang, W. P., Huang, H. C. & Lin, C. C., 一月 1 2020, 於 : Cancer Nursing. 43, 1, p. 45-51 7 p.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Lung Neoplasms
Proportional Hazards Models
Disease Progression

Comparison of the predictive outcomes for anti-tuberculosis drug-induced hepatotoxicity by different machine learning techniques

Lai, N. H., Shen, W. C., Lee, C. N., Chang, J. C., Hsu, M. C., Kuo, L. N., Yu, M. C. & Chen, H. Y., 五月 2020, 於 : Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine. 188, 105307.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Controlled Tactile and Vibration Feedback Embedded in a Smart Knee Brace

Hsu, W. C., Sugiarto, T., Wu, J. L., Lin, Y. J., Lin, L. F., Tsai, C. Y., Chang, C. C., Hsieh, Z. R. & Lee, Y. H., 一月 1 2020, IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, 9, 1, p. 54-60 7 p.

研究成果: 專家出版物貢獻類型 文章

Chemical activation

Disturbed Gastrointestinal Contractility in a Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Rat Model

Wang, K. L., Hsia, S. M., Wang, P. S. & Lin, P. H., 一月 1 2020, (接受/付印) 於 : Digestive Diseases and Sciences.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Dramatically enhanced mechanical properties of diamond-like carbon films on polymer substrate for flexible display devices via argon plasma pretreatment

Lee, J. A., Lin, C. R., Pan, P. C., Liu, C. W. & Sun, A. Y. T., 一月 15 2020, 於 : Chemical Physics. 529, 110551.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Health Literacy
Health Status
Randomized Controlled Trials
Breast Neoplasms

Effect of cell culture biomaterials for completely xeno-free generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells

Sung, T. C., Li, H. F., Higuchi, A., Kumar, S. S., Ling, Q. D., Wu, Y. W., Burnouf, T., Nasu, M., Umezawa, A., Lee, K. F., Wang, H. C., Chang, Y. & Hsu, S. T., 二月 2020, 於 : Biomaterials. 230, 119638.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Fish oil up-regulates hepatic autophagy in rats with chronic ethanol consumption

Lu, N. S., Chiu, W. C., Chen, Y. L., Peng, H. C., Shirakawa, H. & Yang, S. C., 三月 2020, 於 : Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. 77, 108314.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Gender differences in the relationships between sleep disturbances and academic performance among nursing students: A cross-sectional study

Marta, O. F. D., Kuo, S. Y., Bloomfield, J., Lee, H. C., Ruhyanudin, F., Poynor, M. Y., Brahmadhi, A., Pratiwi, I. D., Aini, N., Mashfufa, E. W., Hasan, F. & Chiu, H. Y., 二月 2020, 於 : Nurse Education Today. 85, 104270.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Nursing Students
cross-sectional study
gender-specific factors

Individual Alpha Frequency Predicts Perceived Visuotactile Simultaneity

Migliorati, D., Zappasodi, F., Perrucci, M. G., Donno, B., Northoff, G., Romei, V. & Costantini, M., 一月 1 2020, 於 : Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 32, 1, p. 1-11 11 p.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Parietal Lobe
Power (Psychology)

Intercalating pyrene with polypeptide as a novel self-assembly nano-carrier for colon cancer suppression in vitro and in vivo

Lo, P. Y., Lee, G. Y., Zheng, J. H., Huang, J. H., Cho, E. C. & Lee, K. C., 四月 1 2020, 於 : Materials Science and Engineering C. 109, 110593.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

In vitro and in vivo evaluation of the neuroprotective activity of Uncaria hirsuta Haviland

Lin, C. M., Lin, Y. T., Lee, T. L., Imtiyaz, Z., Hou, W. C. & Lee, M. H., 一月 2020, 於 : Journal of Food and Drug Analysis. 28, 1, p. 147-158 12 p.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章


LMP1 gene detection using a capped gold nanowire array surface plasmon resonance sensor in a microfluidic chip

Chuang, C-S., Wu, C-Y., Juan, P-H., Hou, N-C., Fan, Y-J., Wei, P-K. & Sheen, H-J., 2020, 於 : Analyst.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Hospital Emergency Service
Hospital Departments
Health care

Melatonin activates cell death programs for the suppression of uterine leiomyoma cell proliferation

Lin, P. H., Tung, Y. T., Chen, H. Y., Chiang, Y. F., Hong, H. C., Huang, K. C., Hsu, S. P., Huang, T. C. & Hsia, S. M., 一月 1 2020, 於 : Journal of Pineal Research. 68, 1, e12620.

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1 引文 (Scopus)

Multimodal Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data Fusion Reveals Distinct Patterns of Abnormal Brain Structure and Function in Catatonia

Hirjak, D., Rashidi, M., Kubera, K. M., Northoff, G., Fritze, S., Schmitgen, M. M., Sambataro, F., Calhoun, V. D. & Wolf, R. C., 一月 4 2020, 於 : Schizophrenia Bulletin. 46, 1, p. 202-210 9 p.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Music, heart rate variability, and symptom clusters: a comparative study

Chen, S. C., Yeh, M. L., Chang, H. J. & Lin, M. F., 一月 1 2020, 於 : Supportive Care in Cancer. 28, 1, p. 351-360 10 p.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Heart Rate
Breast Neoplasms
Control Groups
1 引文 (Scopus)

N-alkyl-hydroxybenzoyl anilide hydroxamates as dual inhibitors of HDAC and HSP90, downregulating IFN-γ induced PD-L1 expression

Mehndiratta, S., Lin, M. H., Wu, Y. W., Chen, C. H., Wu, T. Y., Chuang, K. H., Chao, M. W., Chen, Y. Y., Pan, S. L., Chen, M. C. & Liou, J. P., 一月 1 2020, 於 : European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 185, p. 111725 111725.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Optimal measuring timing of cystatin C for early detection of contrast-induced acute kidney injury: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Chen, C. T., Chang, L. Y., Chuang, C. W., Wang, S. C., Kao, M. C., Tzeng, I. S., Kuo, K. L., Wu, C. C., Tsai, P. S. & Huang, C. J., 一月 2020, 於 : Toxicology Letters. 318, p. 65-73 9 p.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Cystatin C
Acute Kidney Injury
Contrast Media
Peripheral Catheterization

Progressive muscle relaxation for patients with chronic schizophrenia: A randomized controlled study

Lu, S-M., Lin, M-F. & Chang, H-J., 一月 1 2020, 於 : Perspectives in Psychiatric Care. 56, 1, p. 86-94 9 p.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Autogenic Training
Quality of Life

Protective effects of 10,11-dihydro-5H-dibenzo[b,f]azepine hydroxamates on vascular cognitive impairment

Kaur, N., Fang, Y. C., Lee, H. Y., Singh, A., Nepali, K., Lin, M. H., Yeh, T. K., Lai, M. J., Chan, L., Tu, Y. K., Banerjee, S., Hu, C. J. & Liou, J. P., 二月 1 2020, 於 : European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 187, 111915.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Steering the antitumor drug discovery campaign towards structurally diverse indolines

Thakur, A., Singh, A., Kaur, N., Ojha, R. & Nepali, K., 一月 2020, 於 : Bioorganic Chemistry. 94, 103436.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻回顧型文獻

Synbiotic combination of djulis (Chenopodium formosanum) and lactobacillus acidophilus inhibits colon carcinogenesis in rats

Lee, C. W., Chen, H. J., Chien, Y. H., Hsia, S. M., Chen, J. H. & Shih, C. K., 一月 2020, 於 : Nutrients. 12, 1, 103.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章


The Antibacterial Efficacy and In Vivo Toxicity of Sodium Hypochlorite and Electrolyzed Oxidizing (EO) Water-Based Endodontic Irrigating Solutions

Hsieh, S-C., Teng, N-C., Chu, C. C., Chu, Y-T., Chen, C-H., Chang, L-Y., Hsu, C-Y., Huang, C-S., Hsiao, G. Y-W. & Yang, J-C., 一月 7 2020, 於 : Materials. 13, 2

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Vitamin B12 deficiency and metabolism-mediated thrombotic microangiopathy (MM-TMA)

Sabry, W., Elemary, M., Burnouf, T., Seghatchian, J. & Goubran, H., 一月 1 2020, (接受/付印) 於 : Transfusion and Apheresis Science. 102717.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻回顧型文獻

Granulosa Cells
Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinases
5 引文 (Scopus)
Histone Deacetylases
Inhibitory Concentration 50
3 引文 (Scopus)

2019 consensus statement of the Taiwan hypertension society and the Taiwan society of cardiology on renal denervation for the management of arterial hypertension

Wang, T. D., Lee, Y. H., Chang, S. S., Tung, Y. C., Yeh, C. F., Lin, Y. H., Pan, C. T., Hsu, C. Y., Huang, C. Y., Wu, C. K., Sung, P. H., Chiang, L. T., Wang, Y. C., Tsai, W. C., Lin, T. T., Lin, C. P., Chen, W. J. & Hwang, J. J., 五月 1 2019, 於 : Acta Cardiologica Sinica. 35, 3, p. 199-230 32 p.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章


2019 focused update of the guidelines of the Taiwan society of cardiology for the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure

Wang, C. C., Wu, C. K., Tsai, M. L., Lee, C. M., Huang, W. C., Chou, H. H., Huang, J. L., Chi, N. H., Yen, H. W., Tzeng, B. H., Chang, W. T., Chang, H. Y., Wang, C. H., Lu, Y. Y., Tsai, J. P., Su, C. H., Cherng, W. J., Yin, W. H., Tsai, C. T., Wu, Y. W. 及其他2, Lin, J-L. & Hwang, J. J., 五月 1 2019, 於 : Acta Cardiologica Sinica. 35, 3, p. 244-283 40 p.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Treatment Failure
Heart Failure
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6,7-dihydroxy-2-(4′-hydroxyphenyl)naphthalene induces HCT116 cell apoptosis through activation of endoplasmic reticulum stress and the extrinsic apoptotic pathway

Chiu, C. F., Lai, G. Y., Chen, C. H., Chiu, C. C., Hung, S. W. & Chang, C. F., 一月 1 2019, 於 : Drug Design, Development and Therapy. 13, p. 1609-1621 13 p.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

HCT116 Cells
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress
Colorectal Neoplasms
Cyclin B

A bioinspired hyperthermic macrophage-based polypyrrole-polyethylenimine (Ppy-PEI) nanocomplex carrier to prevent and disrupt thrombotic fibrin clots

Burnouf, T., Chen, C. H., Tan, S. J., Tseng, C. L., Lu, K. Y., Chang, L. H., Nyambat, B., Huang, S. C., Jheng, P. R., Aditya, R. N., Mi, F. L. & Chuang, E. Y., 九月 15 2019, 於 : Acta Biomaterialia. 96, p. 468-479 12 p.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Coronary Angiography
Optical Coherence Tomography
Return to Work
Appointments and Schedules
ROC Curve
Traumatic Brain Injury

Accuracy of cone beam computed tomography in measuring thicknesses of hard-tissue-mimicking material adjacent to different implant thread surfaces

Yen, C. Y., Kuo, P. J., Lin, C. Y., Nie-Shiuh Chang, N., Hsiao, H. Y., Chin, Y. T., Tsai, C. C. & Lee, S. Y., 六月 1 2019, 於 : Journal of Dental Sciences. 14, 2, p. 119-125 7 p.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Cone-Beam Computed Tomography
Dental Implants
Health Services
Public Health
Cross-Sectional Studies

A critical period for the development of schizophrenia-like pathology by aberrant postnatal neurogenesis

Sheu, J. R., Hsieh, C. Y., Jayakumar, T., Tseng, M. F., Lee, H. N., Huang, S. W., Manubolu, M. & Yang, C. H., 一月 1 2019, 於 : Frontiers in Neuroscience. 13, JUN, 635.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Critical Period (Psychology)
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A Cross-Sectional Study of Endogenous Antioxidants and Patterns of Dental Visits of Periodontitis Patients

Lee, C. Y., Choy, C. S., Lai, Y. C., Chang, C. C., Teng, N. C., Huang, W. T., Lin, C. T. & Huang, Y. K., 一月 9 2019, 於 : International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 16, 2

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Cross-Sectional Studies
Oral Health
1 引文 (Scopus)

Action of Reverse T3 on Cancer Cells

Lin, H. Y., Tang, H. Y., Leinung, M., Mousa, S. A., Hercbergs, A. & Davis, P. J., 一月 1 2019, 於 : Endocrine Research.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Thyroid Hormone Receptors

Acupuncture treatment and the risk of urinary tract infection in stroke patients: a nationwide matched cohort study

Yang, J. L., Chen, T. L., Yeh, C. C., Hu, C. J., Liao, C. C., Lane, H. L. & Shih, C. C., 一月 1 2019, 於 : Acupuncture in Medicine.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Acupuncture Therapy
Urinary Tract Infections
Cohort Studies
Gastroesophageal Reflux
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Disease Progression
Medical Assistance
Qualitative Research

Adaptation and Validation of Active Aging Index Among Older Vietnamese Adults

Pham, V. T., Chen, Y. M., Van Duong, T., Nguyen, T. P. T. & Chie, W. C., 一月 1 2019, (接受/付印) 於 : Journal of Aging and Health.

研究成果: 雜誌貢獻文章

Quality of Life
Focus Groups
Statistical Factor Analysis