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A review of the epidemiologic literature on the role of environmental arsenic exposure and cardiovascular diseases

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Arsenic and diabetes and hypertension in human populations: A review

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Arsenic methylation capability and hypertension risk in subjects living in arseniasis-hyperendemic areas in southwestern Taiwan

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Characteristics, determinants, and spatial variations of ambient fungal levels in the subtropical Taipei metropolis

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Comparison of kinetic models for the aqueous solid-liquid extraction of Tilia sapwood a continuous stirred tank reactor

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Dose-response relationship between ingested arsenic and cataracts among residents in Southwestern Taiwan

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Effects of arsenic exposure and genetic polymorphisms of p53, glutathione S-transferase M1, T1, and P1 on the risk of carotid atherosclerosis in Taiwan

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Estimation of acceptable mercury intake from fish in Taiwan

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Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Promoter Polymorphism, Cigarette Smoking, and Urothelial Carcinoma Risk

Shen, C. H., Wang, Y. H., Wang, W. C., Jou, Y. C., Hsu, H. S., Hsieh, H. Y. & Chiou, H. Y., 五月 2007, 於 : Urology. 69, 5, p. 1001-1006 6 p.

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Lifelong inorganic arsenic compounds consumption affected blood pressure in rats

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Malignant Giant Cell Tumor of the Tendon Sheath in the Hand-A Case Report

貢獻的翻譯標題: 腱鞘巨細胞瘤惡化病例報告Chen, C-F., Fang, C-L., Lau, K-W., Wang, H-J. & Chang, V. CW., 2007, 於 : 中華民國整形外科醫學會雜誌. 16, 4, p. 343-350 8 p.

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Mercury concentration and fish consumption in Taiwanese pregnant women

Hsu, C-S., Liu, P. L., Chien, L. C., Chou, S. Y. & Han, B. C., 一月 2007, 於 : BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 114, 1, p. 81-85 5 p.

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Outcome of large hemispheric infarcts: an experience of 50 patients in Taiwan

Chen, W-H., Bai, C. H., Huang, S. J., Chiu, H. C. & Lien, L. M., 十一月 2007, 於 : Surgical Neurology. 68, 5 SUPPL.

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Post-hospital care of stroke patients in Taipei: Use of services and policy implications

Chuang, K. Y., Wu, S. C., Dai, Y. T. & Ma, A. H. S., 六月 2007, 於 : Health Policy. 82, 1, p. 28-36 9 p.

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Scientific production of electronic health record research, 1991-2005

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Serological screening and toxoplasmosis exposure factors among pregnant women in the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe

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45 引文 斯高帕斯(Scopus)

Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii infection among inhabitants in the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe

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An alternative to better global health

貢獻的翻譯標題: Focusing on local communities and players seem to be the better alternativeChang, P. W-S. & Rollet, V., 九月 2008, 於 : World medical journal. 54, 3, p. 83-84 2 p.

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Androgen receptor gene polymorphism may affect the risk of urothelial carcinoma

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Arsenic exposure, urinary arsenic speciation, and the incidence of urothelial carcinoma: A twelve-year follow-up study

Huang, Y. K., Huang, Y. L., Hsueh, Y. M., Yang, M. H., Wu, M. M., Chen, S. Y., Hsu, L. I. & Chen, C. J., 十月 2008, 於 : Cancer Causes and Control. 19, 8, p. 829-839 11 p.

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Comparative genomic hybridization study of arsenic-exposed and non-arsenic-exposed urinary transitional cell carcinoma

Hsu, L. I., Chiou, W-H., Pu, Y. S., Wang, Y. H., Huan, S. K., Hsiao, C. H., Hsieh, F. I. & Chen, C. J., 三月 1 2008, 於 : Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. 227, 2, p. 229-238 10 p.

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Geographical variations in elderly disability in Taiwan

Chuang, K. Y., Chuang, Y. C., Chen, L. J. & Wu, S. C., 三月 2008, 於 : The journal of nursing research : JNR. 16, 1, p. 47-54 8 p.

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Induction of hepatotoxicity by sanguinarine is associated with oxidation of protein thiols and disturbance of mitochondrial respiration

Choy, C-S., Cheah, K. P., Chiou, H. Y., Li, J. S., Liu, Y. H., Yong, S. F., Chiu, W. T., Liao, J. W. & Hu, C. M., 十一月 2008, 於 : Journal of Applied Toxicology. 28, 8, p. 945-956 12 p.

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