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The impact of mammography screening on the diagnosis and management of early-phase breast cancer

Tabár, L., Dean, P. B., Chen, T. H. H., Yen, A. M. F., Chiu, S. Y. H., Tot, T., Smith, R. A. & Duffy, S. W., 一月 1 2014, Breast Cancer: A New Era in Management. Springer New York, p. 31-78 48 p.

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Arsenic methylation capability and human health

Hsueh, Y. M., Huang, Y. K. & Chung, C. J., 一月 1 2011, Health Hazards of Arsenic Poisoning Environmental: From Epidemic to Pandemic. World Scientific Publishing Co., p. 193-212 20 p.

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The implications of the imaging manifestations of multifocal and diffuse breast cancers

Tabár, L. K., Dean, P. B., Tot, T., Lindhe, N., Ingvarsson, M. & Yen, A. M. F., 2008, Breast Cancer: A Lobar Disease. Springer London, p. 87-152 66 p.

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