The Anticancer Mechanism of the Ribonucleotide Reductase Inhibiting Drug COH29 Involves Suppression of DNA Repair

  • YC Yuan (Contributor)
  • H. Li (Contributor)
  • YM Chung (Contributor)
  • L Su (Contributor)
  • J. Wu (Contributor)
  • S Hu (Contributor)
  • Z Liu (Contributor)
  • X. Liu (Contributor)
  • Yun Yen (Contributor)
  • MC Hu (Contributor)
  • K Zhang (Contributor)
  • LH Malkas (Contributor)
  • CM Chou (Contributor)
  • DL Smith (Contributor)
  • CD Warden (Contributor)
  • MC Chen (Contributor)
  • F. Un (Contributor)
  • CH Chen (Contributor)
  • Y. Wang (Contributor)
  • B. Zhou (Contributor)



Mechanism of Action Study for COH29 Compare COH29 treatment in DNA-repair deficient cell line with truncated BRCA1 (HCC1937) versus phenotypically normal cell line with exogenous WT BRCA1 expression (HCC1937+BRCA1)
可用日期5月 8 2015
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