Additional file 1: of Quantile-based fecal hemoglobin concentration for assessing colorectal neoplasms with 1,263,717 Taiwanese screenees

  • Szu-Min Peng (Contributor)
  • Han Mo Chiu (Contributor)
  • Hsiao-Hsuan Jen (Contributor)
  • Chen Yang Hsu (Contributor)
  • Li-Sheng Chen (Contributor)
  • Sherry Chiu (Contributor)
  • Ming-Fang Yen (Contributor)
  • Jean Fann (Contributor)
  • Yi Chia Lee (Contributor)
  • Hsiu-Hsi Chen (Contributor)



Supplementary materials containing the detailed methodology of Bayesian inverse method, one appendix figure, and five appendix tables were included in the supplementary file. (DOCX 358 kb)
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