What is consciousness? A tridimensional view and neural predispositions of consciousness (NPC)

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Mark Solms raises the issue of the neuronal and conceptual characterization of consciousness. He focuses very much on stimulus-induced activity in relation to affective and cognitive functions. This, though, implies a content-based view of consciousness that defines consciousness by its contents - that is, affective and cognitive. Beside content, recent discussions often consider the level of consciousness associated with brainstem/midbrain as a second dimension of consciousness. However recent data about the intrinsic activity of the brain suggest the need to include a third dimension - form (or structure or organization) - in the characterization of consciousness. The commentary spells this out, including the implications for the neural correlates of consciousness and Solms's view.

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  • consciousness
  • contents
  • form/structure
  • intrinsic activity
  • neural predispositions

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