Versatile phosphors BaY2Si3O10:RE (RE = Ce , Tb3+, Eu3+) for light-emitting diodes

Wei Ren Liu, Chun Che Lin, Yi Chen Chiu, Yao Tsung Yeh, Shyue Ming Jang, Ru Shi Liu, Bing Ming Cheng

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Rare-earth-activated BaY2Si3O10 (BYSO) phosphors were synthesized via a solid-state reaction. BaY2Si 3O10:Ce3+ yields an indigo-blue emission peak at 404 nm according to excitation at 334 nm attributed to the Ce3+ 4f→5d transition. BaY2Si3O10:Tb 3+ typically generates green emission peaks resulting from the 5D47Fj transition. BaY 2Si3O10:Eu3+ exhibits red emission peaks upon excitation at 393 nm. The quantum efficiency of these phosphors was found to be 53%, 55%, and 63% of commodity. The results in this work demonstrate that these phosphors with new compositions are good candidate luminescent materials for use in plasma display panels and light-emitting diodes, excited from VUV to UV.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)18103-18109
Number of pages7
JournalOptics Express
Issue number20
Publication statusPublished - Sep 28 2009
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    Liu, W. R., Lin, C. C., Chiu, Y. C., Yeh, Y. T., Jang, S. M., Liu, R. S., & Cheng, B. M. (2009). Versatile phosphors BaY2Si3O10:RE (RE = Ce , Tb3+, Eu3+) for light-emitting diodes. Optics Express, 17(20), 18103-18109.