Traumatic patellar tendon ruptures: A follow-up study of primary repair and a neutralization wire

Kuo Yao Hsu, Kun Chuang Wang, Wei Pin Ho, Robert Wen-Wei Hsu

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Thirty-five patients with traumatic patellar tendon ruptures treated with primary repair and with a neutralization wire were retrospectively reviewed. All the ruptures occurred in acute trauma; 12 of the patients (34%) had multiple injuries, and 19 had open wounds around the knee joints. The diagnostic clues included a high-riding patella by palpation or seen on roentgenograms, hemarthrosis, a palpable gap over the tendon, and inability of patients to extend the knee actively. Using the criteria of Siwek and Rao, at follow-up 57% of outcomes were rated as excellent; 28.6% as good; and 14.2% as unsatisfactory. None of the 35 patients had a rerupture of the tendon. We conclude that primary repair with a neutralization wire can be a treatment of choice for traumatic patellar tendon ruptures.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)658-660
Number of pages3
JournalJournal of Trauma - Injury, Infection and Critical Care
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 1994
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