Translating and adapting mental health service outcome measurements for use in Taiwan

Yong-Jie Jing

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Background: Healthcare providers must deliver efficient and cost-effective care while continuously assessing user-focused outcomes to make appropriate improvements. Patient satisfaction is an important variable in the evaluation of psychiatric services, which complements the measurement of other outcome variables. Previous research suggests a strong link between satisfaction and the effectiveness of patient care. Purpose: Few international standard outcome measurements have been used in Taiwan to measure patient satisfaction with mental health services. In this study, a satisfaction survey instrument suited to Taiwan's cultural mores was developed. Methods: The researcher selected the Verona Service Satisfaction Scale (VSSS) as an optimal measurement instrument. The approach of the European Psychiatric Services Input Linked to Outcome Domains and Needs Study Group was adopted to translate and adapt an English version of a psychiatric-settingspecific, validated, and multidimensional satisfaction scale into a culturally appropriate traditional Chinese version scale. Results: This study used particular translation protocols to confirm the validity of the Chinese version of the VSSS questionnaire. Pilot study results demonstrate the adequate reliability of the Chinese version of the VSSS, which achieved results similar to those of the original-language European Psychiatric Services Input Linked to Outcome Domains and Needs Study. Conclusions/ Implications for Practice: In Taiwan, patient satisfaction with received care has risen concurrently with rising concerns regarding the future development of healthcare services. The intention of this project was to develop and use such outcome measurement in future research to gain insights into how to better value the expressed opinions and input of service users and develop services better tailored to Taiwan's cultural mores and in line with national mental health system requirements.

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JournalThe journal of nursing research : JNR
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Publication statusPublished - 2011



  • Cultural adaptation
  • Outcome measurement
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Psychiatric services

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