The Lund-Mackay score for adult head and neck computed tomography

Jiann Jy Chen, Dem Lion Chen, Chi Jen Chen

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In order to obtain an objective Taiwanese control Lund-Mackay scoring (LMS) dataset, we performed a retrospective study that involved 600 patients, who had undergone head and neck CT scans between July 1 st 2008 and November 12 th 2010. After non-adults (less than 18 years old) and those with rhinosinusitis, head and neck trauma, epistaxis or cancer with head and neck radiotherapy were excluded, 490 adults (248 males and 242 females) were enrolled for the study group. In addition, 119 adults (55 males and 64 females) were enrolled for the control group that had been diagnosed with rhinosinusitis and received the first sinus CT scans for workup of disease severity or presurgical evaluation. The right or left sinuses were respectively divided into six portions, including maxillary sinus, anterior ethmoid sinuses, posterior ethmoid sinuses, sphenoid sinus, frontal sinus, and ostiomeatal complex. The severity of sinus mucosal inflammation or fluid accumulation for the above six portions were unilaterally and bilaterally summed to respectively give separate unilaterally and bilaterally total LMS values. As a result, in the study group, the bilaterally total LMS obtained for the dataset was 0.96 ± 1.91 (mean ± SD) with a right total LMS of 0.46 ± 1.28 and a left total LMS of 0.50 ± 1.41. In the control group, the bilaterally total LMS obtained for the dataset was 8.72 ± 7.18 with a right total LMS of 4.35 ± 3.84 and a left total LMS of 4.37 ± 3.98. There were significant differences between the study and control groups in the unilateral or bilaterally total LMS. Therefore, when a patient's bilaterally total LMS is great than 5 (mean plus 2SD is 4.78) or when a patient's unilaterally total LMS is greater than 4 (mean plus 2SD for right is 3.02 and for left is 3.32), he or she is beyond 97.7%) of the common population.

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JournalChinese Journal of Radiology
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 2011


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