Pulsed laser deposition of (WO3)1 - X(Nb 2O5)x thin films: Characterization and gasochromic studies

Chia Hao Hsu, Chung Chieh Chang, Kuo Wei Yeh, Yu Ruei Wu, Chih Chieh Chan, Ming Jye Wang, Mau Kuen Wu

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A series of (WO3)1 - x(Nb2O 5)x (x = 0, 0.05, 0.1 and 0.15) mixed oxide films were fabricated by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) at 27 Pa oxygen partial pressure on ITO glass substrates. The thickness of the (WO3) 1 - x(Nb2O5)x thin films is about 350 ± 30 nm and their surface has a uniform morphology. A layer of platinum (Pt) was then sputtered onto the surface of the film. The hydrogen gas sensing performance of Pt catalyst activated (WO3) 1 - x(Nb2O5)x thin films were investigated. The cycling of the coloration was obtained from UV-vis spectra. Gasochromic coloration of (WO3)1 - x(Nb2O 5)x thin films were investigated at room temperature in H2-N2 mixtures containing 1-100 mol% of H2. The results show that the shortest response time of (WO3) 1 - x(Nb2O5)x/Pt hydrogen sensor is within 30 s and the highest transmittance change (ΔT) varies from 20% to 30%.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1470-1474
Number of pages5
JournalThin Solid Films
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - Dec 30 2011
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  • Gasochromic
  • Hydrogen sensor
  • Niobium oxide
  • PLD
  • Tungsten oxide

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